Terms & Conditions

Deposit & Administrative Fees:

A minimum Intake Fee of $50.00 plus the first week's rent is necessary in order to reserve a space. The $50 Intake Fee is Non-Refundable.

Additional Rent:

All payments are applied first to any outstanding balances and then to any current amounts due. Rent is due on a weekly basis (i.e., from Saturday to Saturday) and is due on the Friday immediately preceding the following rental week. There are no partial refunds available for individuals leaving before the end of the rental week and/or prior to the full term of the rental agreement.

Resident Funds:

The Resident Funds Account is an additional service that Mind, Body & Soul Recovery provides for our residents. All payments for the Resident Funds Account are subject to an administrative fee, which will be charged in addition to the amounts to be allocated to the individual resident's cash account. Any credits will be refunded upon the completion of the terms of the Residential Lease, subject to any necessary cleaning charges and/or outstanding rent balances.

Partial Refunds:

Any partial refunds are at the sole discretion of Mind, Body & Soul Recovery and will be made within 30 days electronically to the card or bank account from which they originated. In the event we process a refund, a Refund Notification will be forwarded to the email address that the Registered User (Payee) entered during registration.

Code of Conduct & House Rules:

RELAPSE:There is a zero-tolerance policy towards drug and alcohol use on or off the premises, and such will result in the guest’s immediate dismissal from the house. You give consent to be drug/alcohol tested 24/7. Refusal to submit to a test will be treated as a positive result. Random urine screens may be given at a cost of $25.00 to the resident that must be paid upon entry. You give consent to management to search your room and personal belongings if management feels this is necessary. No locked rooms except management and the house manager may enter rooms at any time.RELAPSE POLICY:If you relapse and are caught using or test “dirty” you are subject to immediate dismissal from the house. If it is your first violation, providing the house agrees you have been trying and your attitude has been good, you must detox at a recognized detox facility and be checked out by staff (no leaving AMA). If management agrees you can return to the house, you may return. Rent must be kept current when you are in detox. If management decides you are not a candidate for re-entry, you must pack your belongings immediately upon dismissal and leave the premises. Management decision is final and has the right to make the decision of removal at any time. Hanging around and arguing will only lead to management calling the police and having you escorted off the premises. Stepping back on the premises will be considered trespassing.

ADVANCING ONE’S RECOVERY:Every guest must submit a written goal statement (attached) which also details his/her daily plans for the coming weeks or months ahead. Examples of advancing one’s recovery or program might include an outpatient program at a treatment facility, returning to or looking for work, family therapy, 3-7 NA/AA meetings per week, work plans or schooling options. These sorts of actions indicating progress is what we want to see.Requirements:Each resident must go to at least 3 meetings per week and have a sponsor. A meeting list sheet must be signed to verify meeting attendance. Prior approval must be received in order to miss the meeting, and work is not an excuse. (Unless you work at night and it is approved before moving in). If so, you will have to schedule a time to go over meeting with manager.
You will be expected to be working or going to school. Sleeping all day, watching TV all day and “drifting” won’t be tolerated and can result in dismissal. You must have a job, be looking for one, or in school, even if you have money to pay rent. You must be out by 9:00am to be looking. Your job is to find a job. If you have any questions speak with management.

VIOLENCE:No form of aggression, yelling or any sort of physical contact will be tolerated in any way, shape or form and may result in immediate dismissal from the house. No weapons or knives of any sort are permitted to be in your possession at any time while you are a guest. Bring any grievances to a manager and we will work things out with you.

CLEANLINESS: Guests are expected to keep their rooms neat, tabletops clear, laundry stowed appropriately and beds made up in the morning. Maintaining good personal hygiene, washing laundry and bed linens at least weekly are examples of what is expected of guests. Guests must pull their own weight when it comes to daily chores in the house and cleaning up after themselves. Bathroom articles must be kept in a toilet kit or zip-lock bag in rooms. No food or drinks in the rooms at any time. Smoking is only allowed in the backyard and ashtrays must be used and kept clean. If you make a mess, you clean it up.
Requirements: Common areas must be kept clean and every Sunday morning the whole house will be cleaned prior to anyone leaving the house. (Floors mopped, bathrooms cleaned, and the lawn mowed, etc.). Daily and weekly schedules will be posted on the bulletin board. Beds are to be made daily and laundry will be done on your scheduled day only.

BEING A GOOD NEIGHBOR:Guests must be “good neighbors”. We must be considerate as well as friendly and responsive to a neighbor’s needs. You agree to respect house rules and other guests. If you believe another guest has made an unreasonable request related to your personal habits, bring the situation up with management.

REFUNDS: No refunds will be given if guest is asked to leave for any reason.

CURFEW: The curfew during the week is midnight and 1:00 am Friday & Saturday. No cooking or watching TV after this time so as not to disturb those who get up early for work.

OVERNIGHT OUTS: You agree to adhere to “overnight outs” terms: Plan overnights so you can request them one week in advance. Fill out overnight request form one week in advance. No overnight guests permitted.

NON RESIDENT RULE: No females on property at men’s facility, and no men at women’s facility. At any time. No exceptions. This is grounds for dismissal.

RENT AND RESPONSIBILITY OF MONEY: Rent will be paid on Fridays. No exceptions. If you do not have your rent, you will have to move out by that Sunday. A police escort will be called if you do not comply. You are responsible for managing your own money and keeping it in a safe place. You agree that NO ONE CAN BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LOSS OR THEFT OF PERSONAL PROPERTY. Stealing or destruction of property is cause for immediate eviction.

MEDICATIONS: Medications are the responsibility of the guest. Medication must be kept away and out of sight, as bottles of medications can be triggers for some. No cough syrup with alcohol. No Tramadol. No Seroquel. All medications must be disclosed to house manager before moving into the facility.

INFORMING MANAGEMENT ABOUT A GUEST WHO HAS RELAPSED: You will alert management immediately should you discover that another guest has relapsed and is using drugs or alcohol. Some clients feel this is “ratting” and hesitate to do it. The fact is you could be saving a life by alerting management about somebody using, as you don’t know what their medical status is. Even if it is just drinking, the next seizure could be their last. You are not “ratting” on anybody because the agreement to inform us as management supersedes any “promise to keep this a secret” request the relapser has made, no matter how good you imagine your friendship to be. A true friend will put the wheels of rescue in motion by talking to management.

YOU ARE NOT A TENANT UNDER FLORIDA STATE LAW: YOU RECOGNIZE AND ADMIT THAT AS FAR AS OUR ABILITY TO REQUEST THAT YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE FOR ANY REASON WE DEEM NECESSARY TO MAINTAIN THE HOUSE ATMOSPHERE AS ONE CONDUCIVE TO SOBRIETY, THAT YOU ARE NOT LEGALLY A TENANT INSOFAR AS TRADITIONAL LANDLORD-TENANT RELATIONSHIPS GO. This effectively means that you have no recourse under the law protecting your housing rights as they would normally apply to a traditional tenant under a typical lease agreement. You are giving management total discretion to dictate whether you may continue to remain at the house or not, and for any reason management feels at their discretion it is necessary for you to leave the house, you must obey their final decision on this matter. Any lawsuits or retaliatory legal efforts on your part will be deemed frivolous and if a case ever makes it to court or arbitration, you will be responsible for the legal fees the house must pay to defend itself.

Acknowledgement & Acceptance of Terms:

All Internet transactions are final, and are not subject to reversal and/or cancellation. All Internet payment transactions are subject to a Convenience Fee equal to $5.00. This Convenience Fee is disclosed and included in the total payment amount prior to submission of your payment for approval. Note regarding "Save this information" and our "Express Checkout" feature: Mind, Body & Soul Recovery will not have access to this information. Your bank account and/or card data is encrypted prior to authorization. In exchange, the secure gateway returns a "token" to this payment system which can then be resubmitted with future payments in place of more sensitive information. End-to-End Encryption coupled with Tokenization ensures your data is secure.

By submitting your payment for authorization, you acknowledge acceptance of the terms & conditions as stated herein.